In addition to recording the course of voice correspondence, the registration also includes associated data such as:

  • call start and end timestamps,
  • caller IDs in telephone and radio networks.

Other network activity data to which the Multikom system has access, such as activity statistics on digital radio networks, may also be recorded.

For cooperation with external applications, an API protocol is available, allowing access to all recorded records from external applications, for example, those supporting command or creating various statistical summaries.

Independently from the correspondence recording module, Multikom 2 system can send voice and data to external correspondence recording systems including the most popular on the Polish market, i.e. companies: TRX, SIM and Compol.

Its use allows dispatchers to transmit unilateral commands or other messages to local and remote teams of employees. In addition, it is possible to control automation elements.

The application allows you to connect via VPN to the system's central unit and conduct correspondence in real time.

We present to you a mobile application available on the Android platform.

Standard access to radio resources of Multikom systems is provided by Unikom consoles installed at dispatcher stations.


In addition, after consultation with users of our systems, a simple application has been developed for monitoring and conducting radio correspondence from mobile devices (phone or tablet) operating under the control of the Android system. The application user has the ability to listen to selected base radios, including a group of radios working in „voting” mode, and conduct two-way radio communication. Importantly, an intercom function is implemented between the mobile device and the consoles of the dispatching station.

This type of communication does not overload the radio channel and is inaudible to radio users in the network. The solution is dedicated to people who are outside the workstation of dispatchers and require access to monitor the situation, i.e. for example: managers, specialists or technicians supervising the efficiency of the radio network.


It should be remembered that the functionality of the application is significantly limited compared to traditional operator consoles. The basic requirements are Android version 10 or higher and the ability to install a VPN connection between the mobile device and the internal network of the organization using the Multikom system.