A model diagram of the organization of a radio communication network used by the State Fire Service in Poland, set up based on the Multikom system

Regional Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Poznań, Poland

The WSKR (Regional Rescue Co- ordination Centre) dispatch system in Poznań includes several dispatch centers and base stations in the city of Poznań and on the territory of Wielkopolska Province.

Gradually, the system was expanded by adding more elements integrated into one logical network using the IP protocol.

At the moment, apart from the WSKR centre in Poznań, the whole system
consists of:

  • 2 command and control vehicles with independent systems and consoles in mobile housings.

Dispatch systems installed in the State Fire Service Headquarters in Piła, Konin, Turku, Kalisz, Leszno and Wolsztyn interconnected with one another and with the Regional Headquarters via a private IP network built by the Regional State Fire Service Headquarters.

IP interfaces for a network of Mototrbo DMR repeaters used by the Crisis Management Centre of Wielkopolska Province.

Nowy Sącz Fire Brigade, Poland

The Municipal Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Nowy Sącz uses the Multikom system for communicating on the territory of the Nowy Sącz district.

The original system architecture, based on using local base stations in combination with a single remotely controlled base station, has been modified and now it includes multiple base stations controlled by Minikom IP controllers operating in Voting mode. Thanks to this upgraded architecture, the employees / operators can easily communicate throughout the entire district.

Patch / Interconnect

Set of direct connections between heterogeneous communication channels: radio-radio, radio-telephone, analogue radio – digital radio.