About Elvys

Since being established in 1991, Elvys s.r.o has been tightly focused on designing and producing professional radio communication systems to address the most critical situations and environments where nothing less than perfect is acceptable.

Our solutions range from simple analogue radiotelephone controllers to large-scale regional digital systems that integrate telephony and radio communication.

Over the decades since our founding, we have cooperated closely with numerous public safety organizations as well as companies from the transport and energy industries. Our systems are custom-adapted to the specific, frequently non-standard, needs and requirements of each individual client. Our major strengths are delivering tailored solutions with great flexibility.

Our Solutions

Our products deliver comprehensive solutions for control rooms and dispatch centers. We mesh heterogeneous networks into integrated single (functional) platforms that promote and support interoperability.

Our work reflects our customers’ ever-increasing need to interconnect and integrate a multitude of communication channels so that they can be controlled from a single, centralized dispatch center. Such projects are perhaps best exemplified by the integrated crisis management centers which are being established to increase public safety in certain municipalities and regions. As a result, our customers often include Police Forces, Fire Brigades, Emergency Medical Services and the like.

 In addition, we specialize in modernizing and digitalizing existing radio networks. In this field, we use our expertise to develop and implement integration tools that allow a gradual shift from older analogue systems to modern digital radio networks. Our customers greatly appreciate the benefits of a single integrated platform which satisfies both essential and special requirements while simultaneously ensuring the highest reliability, a crucial requirement when working with critical applications.

Market position

Thanks to our continuous and committed 20-year growth, we have crafted a brand both well-known and reputable. Through this brand and our tireless development work, we have established a strong presence in this highly competitive market.

When implementing particularly complex projects, we cooperate with renowned partners such as Siemens, Motorola Solutions, Telekomunikacia Polska, Alcatel-Lucent, Oracle and other well-established market players.