The most significant feature of Unikom consoles compared to competing solutions is the use of hardware chips responsible for voice coding and decoding, as well as handling peripheral devices (microphones, speakers, headphones, etc.). This solution results in very high stability of operation and excellent voice quality.


All crucial hardware components, including the LCD touch panel, speakers and microphone, are fully integrated in a single housing. The console installation cannot get any easier. Just connect it to the power source, plug in the Ethernet cable and the device is ready to use. Portability is a major strength. If necessary, external equipment can be connected to the corresponding console sockets in order to make operation easier or adapt the device for a specific kind of service. Connectable devices include external microphones equipped with a PTT button, handheld handsets (also with PTT function), foot switches, headsets/hands-free kits (wired or wireless), external speakers, keyboards, etc.

Basic features

  • Compact hardware design integrated in a single housing
  • Modular software design
  • Centralized administration
  • VESA standard mounting system
  • Passive cooling only – the entire rear part of the housing is a passive heat sink.

User Inferface

The graphical user interface is composed of independent modules. This enables us to implement very specific customer requirements extremely rapidly while ensuring high reliability and full compatibility with other modules. We have been developing this solution since 2010 and it has already been tested and verified by a large number of customers. New modules are available in the form of free-of-charge upgrades to all customers who use this solution. In addition, our customers’ technical service departments are provided with a complete utility software suite which allows them to create and modify their own graphical user interface (GUI) for the console.

Audio and Graphical Interface Properties

  • A range of audio codecs – G.711, G.723, G.726, G.728, G.729
  • DSP acoustic feedback cancellation module
  • 4 speakers enable assignment of individual communication
    channel audio tracks

Communication and Information Interface

Communication between the console and the Multikom IP system is established by connect- ing both devices directly to the IP network. The Multikom 2 system has a dedicated IP interface card for each console. The audio signal is transmitted over the RTP protocol with multiple standard audio codecs to choose from. Signal encoding and decoding is ensured by a built-in hardware codec which guarantees high reliability and packet regeneration without interfering with other high priority tasks and processes.

  • IP connectivity with the system
  • Status monitoring using custom application and SNMP
  • LDAP support
  • Integration with the recording system
  • API available for command & control support applications

Sample Screenshots of the Unikom 9 Control Screen


The Multikom system can feature interfaces to connect traditional ISDN digital telephone lines or be configured as a VoIP telephony client in the SIP standard. Thus, multiple telephony ser­vices as well as special functions that combine telephony and radio communication systems can be made accessible through the Multikom system consoles.


Determining active radiotelephone coordinates and visually displaying the caller’s location on a map shown on Unikom 9.