At the beginning of 2019, we signed a contract with the general contractor for a new maritime safety communication system for the Polish Baltic coast (GMDSS-PL) by Wasko SA from Gliwice. Our tasks include designing, delivering and commissioning the system’s complete radio infrastructure. It includes radio base stations, radio finders, antenna installations, remote control and supervision systems as well as equipment for GMDSS system operators’ stations. Elements of the control infrastructure and dispatcher stations of the Multikom system will be responsible for receiving DSC emergency calls. Integration with other ICT components and operational software will also be performed in the scope of operating the DSC maritime selective call system. The system will cover zones A1 and A2 (VHF and MF radio bands) of the Polish coast. When choosing the contractor and technology, opinions on the VHF maritime communication systems launched by us in 2014 for Maritime Offices and the Maritime Search and Rescue Service as part of the National Construction were probably significant.

Maritime Safety System stage I. From a historical point of view, it is worth mentioning that almost 20 years ago, in cooperation with Wasko SA the first Multikom 2 system installations in Poland were implemented.